What to Consider When Changing Careers

Making a career change can be a stressful and difficult process regardless of the underlying motives behind the switch. Changing to a whole new career and sector is an overwhelming transition if the process between the jobs isn’t as smooth as first hoped.

So are you ready to make a change and dive headfirst into a whole new career? Well before you do there are a few things to consider before setting plans in motion. Below we have highlighted a few considerations to evaluate prior to cementing the career change down.

Why do want to make the change? 

What is the reason behind the urge to switch careers? Are you fed up and stuck in a rut? Or do you have ambitions of a larger earning potential? Whatever the reasons to making the switch are try and ensure that it warrants such a drastic decision. Be clear and concise with your reasons to prevent “jumping the gun”. A change in career shouldn’t be taken light-hearted.

How will the change affect your loved ones? 

Thought should be also spared to loved ones and those dependent upon your income. If you are changing career it could result in a lower salary and working up from the bottom of the career ladder again. Furthermore the change could alter your working hours, which in turn could reduce the amount of free times for family and friends.

Are you ready to start from the bottom again? 

As previously stated, changing career can often result in falling down the “career ladder” one or two places. Are you prepared for a reduction in authority, status and even salary? Although, all of these are artificial and materialised they can have a significant impact on your overall living standards and well-being.

Will you regret not making the change? 

If you don’t make the change will you regret it in the future and see it as a missed opportunity? Don’t let fear stop you from making the change if it’s what you really want. As daunting as a career change might seem if it will lead to long-term happiness then it’s worth facing. If you require advice and career help seek professional advice from recruiters and career practitioners.

About the author: Chris Algar writes on behalf of Cititec.com who is a recruitment specialist for the technical world and recruitment for positions such as Cititec Network Admin Jobs. For more information please visit Cititec.com.