Sainsburys Logistics Jobs

Sainsbury's logistics jobs - girl on telephoneIn order to function correctly, Sainsburys needs to ensure that stock, vehicles and store equipment are in the right place at the right time. That’s why the logistics function is such a crucial part of the whole organisation and without it the company would fail. To apply for a logistics job with Sainsburys you should apply to your local depot directly. There are six Sainsburys logistics depots across the UK, based in:

  • Elstree (Hertfordshire)
  • Basingstoke (Hampshire)
  • Rye Park (Hertfordshire)
  • Hams Hall (Birmingham)
  • Haydock (Merseyside)
  • Waltham Point (Hertfordshire)

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  1. Can anyone assist providing details of job vacancies at the new exeter distribution centre and when they will be available