Retail Job Vacancies in the USA

Retail Jobs In The USA - List Of Retail Stores - Escalator in mallRetailing means the purchase and sale of goods from a shop, by mail order or over the internet. The industry plays a major role in the USA’s consumer-driven economy.

Essentially a retailer is someone who buys goods in bulk, breaks the deliveries from the manufacturers down into household-sized chunks and then sells (or retails) them on to customers. Retail shops or stores run the full gamut from the ‘no-frills’, cheap and cheerful style warehouses right the way through to exclusive boutiques where customers need to make an appointment or come by recommendation first.

Retail jobs encompass everything from the sales assistants who deal with the customers to the warehouse staff and delivery truck drivers.

Here is a list of some of the major US retail companies with links to our reviews of their job vacancies and application process.

This list of retail companies is far from exhaustive. Do let us know about any other major chains you come across.