Job fair cancelled because there were no jobs

Job fair cancelled because there were no jobs - empty tablesYou know it’s bad when a job fair gets cancelled because there just weren’t enough employers with jobs to make it worthwhile hosting the event.

That’s what’s just happened in Taunton – Taunton, Massachusetts, that is. A job fair had been scheduled for 6th April but only 10 of the minimum of 25 tables that the event needed to be filled had actually been reserved. Of those, one was by a non-profit-making organisation which ironically specialises in finding jobs for jobseekers, and three by employment agencies who supply temps. In other words, less than a quarter of the ‘break even’ number of tables had been taken by employers with full-time jobs to offer.

This is the job fair’s 27th year and the first time it is not being hosted but, without the necessary minimum level of interest, the organisers had reluctantly to cancel it.

With 9,000,000 jobs having been lost in the recession, the American economy is still a long way from recovery. Many companies are wary of taking on staff and, of those willing to take the plunge, a lot are turning to employment agencies to find temporary ‘hire and fire’ workers.

Worse still, from the point of view of the average unemployed US jobseeker, is the unsettling trend towards outsourcing to India, China and other countries which don’t have Minimum Wage and rigid employee legislation to contend with.

With a recent poll claiming that the majority of new jobs are at the bottom end of the pay scale, it is not easy to find a good job and, if you live in Massachusetts, it’s not much good pinning your hopes on a job fair, either.

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