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This is where we make our opinions known (and, boy, do we have some opinions!). You may love them, hate them, nod with approval, or fume with anger, but they will set you thinking.

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Don’t let the party poop your job chances

Shake hands – you’ve got the job

Changing career

The cost of working

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What do I need to be able to work in the UK?

Don’t kill yourself over your job

Working abroad – castles in Spain – part 1

Working abroad – castles in Spain – part 2

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The man who would be king

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The end of a job for life – leaving Local Authority to go into the private sector

How much is the Royal Wedding costing the average business owner (let them eat cake, even wedding cake!)

How to deal with a bully at work – part 1

How to deal with a bully at work – part 2

Easter job ideas

Getting your face in the space and your name in the frame – the rules of the door-knocking game

UK National Minimum Wage Rates to be increased

Positive question techniques or ‘how to lead someone by the nose’

Easter weekend – find temporary work at DIY stores

Nonest Jobs – Green Energy Job Vacancies (April Fools’ spoof)

Should a man lift his face or his profile to get a job?

How far will you go for a job?

Japanese disaster has knock-on effect for businesses

Where is the best place to live if you want the day off for the Royal Wedding?


Are council non-jobs the issue?

Cold turkey for benefits scroungers

Youth unemployment hits record high

Can I be asked about my disability at interview?

Local Authorities to lose more of their authority

How can I get sacked on the spot?

Is now the right time to change job – part 1

Is now the right time to change job – part 2

Should I become an intern?

Should I go to a jobs fair?

Do I need a virtual CV?

How do I spot a bogus job?

How do I cold call companies?

Help! I’ve got to take an aptitude test

My qualifications aren’t good enough

Interview body language

Why should we give you the job?

Do I follow up after an interview?

Should I lie on my CV?

Social networking cost me that job

Where should I look for a job?

What happens if you have no work experience?

What do I put in a CV?

Are you thinking of changing career?

How to avoid working

Things not to do at the office party

Will you get paid for building a snowman?

Telling your employer to stick their job

Are you stuck for words?

Life after redundancy

How do I survive the office party?

Santa Claus jobs

What if you are offered a bribe at work?

Is how I dress at work my business?

Just an office affair

Surviving the interview

Why do I want this job? “Oh no! It’s a tie breaker!”

Is there any hope for the UK job market?