CSR Jobs: A Way to Carry on Social Tasks While Being a Corporate Staff Member

CSR jobs are roles defined by their attention to corporate social responsibility – a reasonably new concept, but a welcome one for the corporate world.Corporate Social Responsiblity

Corporations have lost touch with social responsibility over the last few decades – it is only now that the obligation of a large organisation to the people whose lives its action affect are becoming recognised again. This is in part due to the changing way in which the whole world is operating. Thanks to the rise of social media, which has empowered small voices to begin singing bigger sings, major multinational corporations are finding that they have little choice but to start listening to what those songs are saying. Now the power is with the people, the company in question has to make sure those people are happy about buying into its brand.

Ultimately, CSR jobs are about finding ways to marry the actions of a company with the right social opinions. No brand wants to be seen as the company that didn’t pay its workers enough, or which refused to offset its carbon use by investigating ways to act with more sustainability.  CSR jobs are created within such companies so they may be steered from the inside, with dedicated role fulfillers coming up with strategies for ways in which a conglomerate can act in a fashion sensitive to the needs of its environment, its community and the people in and around it.

Corporate social responsibility is a dream situation for someone who wants the benefits of working for a corporate entity without the guilt. CSR jobs are there to allow thinking, ethical members of the community to make a difference from within – guiding a company through its responsibilities to the environment, to the people who work in and for it, and to the people and families whose homes and communities are directly affected by the way it does business.

A large local employer, for example, may have a duty to employ people in the local area before it looks elsewhere for its workforce. It may also have a duty to deliver some community projects, by way of balancing out the heft of its presence in a community – building schools, for instance, or funding charitable local initiatives. CSR jobs in the relevant companies will aim to identify ways in which these things may be delivered – crucially without hurting the company’s own business prospects.

In essence, CSR jobs are the mediator between the company and the public around it. They aim to change the way the company acts and works, so that, over time, it may develop a proper relationship with the communities in which it sits, and on which it has an effect. This is different in tone from the older way of promoting social responsibility through a corporate entity – which in many cases was simply a case of slapped wrists and promises.

New CSR jobs look to change the relationship a company has with communities and less powerful stakeholders: positively and sensitively.


About Author

Olivia is a freelance copywriter and charity enthusiast.She is currently working with CSR jobs,a leading voluntary sector job board.