Jobvacancies.org was set up in order to provide a fresh and challenging view of the employment world. Unlike other job sites, we don’t just mindlessly repeat the same old stuff about jobs and employers.  Our aim is to provide you with a plethora of prospects for you to explore.  One of the key success factors of finding a job is having the numbers on your side.  The more job prospects you have…the more job applications you submit…the more job interviews you participate in….the greater your chances of landing the job you desire.  All of our content is origina and we seek to provide you with high level information to give you an edge. We aim to be a one stop job resource center for those seek employment.

For example, we:

  • We evaluate companies and critically review their job outlook and applications procedures, taking you step by step through the often confusing process.
  • Report back periodically on what new jobs may come available so that you can stay abreast of the fast moving job market.
  • Tell you in easy to understand language how a company is doing financially – after all, you don’t want to board a sinking ship, do you?
  • Refuse to tow the corporate line: we say it as it is – warts and all.
  • Cover sticky issues such as preparing for interviews, applying for jobs when you have a bad employment record, and dealing with awkward situations at work

Everything is discussed in a frank and off-beat way that will grab your attention and hopefully encourage you want to read more, thereby improving your prospects of getting that job you’ve always aspired to.

If you’re thinking of changing career, need a job, or are having problems at work, then Jobvacancies.org is just what you need. Don’t forget, we want to hear your comments and experiences too, because it’s through your feedback that we will improve and build.

With years of experience behind us and a team dedicated to cutting through the muck, you’ll be glad you dropped by.